The Abu Dhabi city can be your destination choice when you are planning your vacation. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates located 140km away from the famous Dubai city.  You can holiday in Abu Dhabi and have fun in various destinations. Below is the list of top destinations in the capital city of AUE.

Marina Mall 

Vising UAE is associated with shopping. You can enjoy shopping in Marina Mall, which is one of the biggest malls in the country. Marina Mall located near Lulu Island and Emirates Palace Hotel. The mall has more than 400 shops with famous brands like Prada, Armani, Zara, Guess, Gordiano and many others. You can treat yourself with yummy food in the food courts and restaurants inside the mall. There is also a cinema and children can be entertained in Magic Planet place which offers video games, rides, soft playing areas, and more games. 

Ferrari World

Ferrari world is a branded theme park that shows off Ferarri cars. You can tour the park and see the old models of Ferarri cars, the factory, Ferarri game show. The park has about 37 rides, and you can access free rides such Turbo Ride and Formula Rossa. There is an entrance fee to access the Ferarri theme park.

Yas Waterworld

Abu Dhabi’s weather is humid and hot. Visiting Yas Waterworld, a water park, can help you to unwind and cool off. The park can accommodate different ages. You can go there as a family and have fun. There are water slides, inner-tube ride, free-fall water slide, hydromagnetic tornado water rafting ride to give you water adventure experience. All these can keep you entertained, and you can grab your favorite meal at a restaurant of your choice. 

The Corniche

The Corniche is a seaside strip that makes you access the Corniche beach. Corniche beach can be located freely in comparison to hotel beaches. Most hotels in Abu Dhabi have beaches where you can bask and splash. Enjoy beach volleyball, have a picnic, and buy street food at The Corniche. You wouldn’t want to miss the boat cruise at Corniche. 

Yas Island

Whether you are young or old, Yas Island has something that will amuse and fascinate you. Besides the Ferarri Worlds and Yas Waterworld; Yas Island has top destinations which include Yas Marina Circuit and Yas Gateway, Yas Beach, and more. If you love heights, CLYMB Yas is a place to visit which offers adventure lovers an indoor skydiving flight and the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall which is about 141 feet in height. Party lovers can dance the whole night at the Yas night club. 

Warner Bros World

Warner Bros offers travelers an indoor amusement park with fascinating sites. Those who are young at heart can enjoy thrill rides with their children in the cartoon character rides such as Batman, Tom and Jerry, Justice League, and more. Enjoy a boat ride on The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure, and enjoy yummy food from various food courts.

There are various places that you might visit at Abu Dhabi. You may enjoy your stay with adventurous activities and indoor activities. Entertainment activities are available for adults and children. You may enjoy day and night at Abu Dhabi. 

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